952-934-2000.  8810 13th Ave E, Shakopee, MN 55379

Arteka Companies

Bjornberg, Tom
Position: Irrigation Project Manager
Office: 952-974-7418
Email: tbjornberg@arteka.com

Braley, Laura
Position: Project Manager
Office: 952-974-7450
Email: lbraley@arteka.com

Gaida-Wagener, Kim
Position: Purchasing Manager
Office: 952-974-7472
Mobile: 612-685-3288
Email: kgaida@arteka.com

Hanson, Stewart
Position: President & CEO
Mobile: 612-201-7309
Email: shanson@arteka.com

Maleck, Kathy
Position: C.F.O
Office: 952-974-7439
Email: kmaleck@arteka.com

McCann, Ron
Position: Project Manager
Mobile: 612-685-3258
Email: rmccann@arteka.com

McKenzie, Colleen
Position: Office Manager
Office: 952-974-7449
Email: cmckenzie@arteka.com

Michels, Adam
Position: Construction Operations Manager
Mobile: 612-685-3287
Email: amichels@arteka.com

Sager, Curtis
Position: Project Estimator
Office: 952-974-7460
Email: csager@arteka.com

Sager, Ralph
Position: Shop Manager
Office: 952-974-7427
Email: rasger@arteka.com

Warnke, Cathy
Position: Nursery Manager
Mobile: 612-685-3577
Email: cwarnke@arteka.com

Arteka Outdoor Services

A Division of Prescription Landscaping

Anderson, Liz
Position: Urban Landcare Operations Manager
Office: 952-971-7419
Email: landerson@arteka.com

Eckholm, Paul
Position: Account Manager – North
Mobile: 612-708-8236
Email: peckholm@arteka.com

Morter, Nick
Position: Maintenance Service Manager
Mobile: 952-283-9806
Email: nmorter@arteka.com

Neu, Angie
Position: Urban Landcare Assistant
Office: 952-974-7419
Email: aneu@arteka.com

Rivers, Val
Position: Urban Landcare and Seasonal Color Manager
Registered Landscape Architect
Office: 952-974-7441
Email: vrivers@arteka.com

Staber, Mike
Position: Account Manager – South
Office: 952-974-7458
Email: mstaber@arteka.com

Tajonar, Tarif
Position: Maintenance Operations Manager
Mobile: 612-499-1356
Email: ttajonar@arteka.com