At LifeSource we are grateful for your individual and collective commitment to getting this job done right and on time. Each of you fulfill an important role in this project. From the vantage point of a person not engaged in the construction trades it has been impressive for me to witness many parts coming together to form the whole of this structure. We are grateful for your specialized skills and problem solving abilities. We are grateful for clean professional lines and finishes, color, light, texture, heating, cooling, protection from the elements, water, power, clean soil, and gardens that will heal hurting souls. We are grateful that you are the ones who built the home for organ and tissue donation in our community. Thank you for being engaged in our mission of saving lives and expressing your engagement through craftsmanship. There is no one else on this planet who can do what you can do. And we will save more lives because of you.

Peter D. Farstad, CAO, Lifesource

Photo Credit on Home Screen: RSP Architects | Coen + Partners