LifeSource’s Vision: “Everyone Shares the Gift of Life”.  Arteka is proud to be a part of building this facility.

  • LifeSource is a place of hope for desperately ill patients awaiting a second chance at life. You are building us a state of the art facilities for clinical recovery and organ preservation ensuring we can strive for a world where there are no deaths on the organ transplant waiting list. As of this morning, 123,254 people are waiting for organ transplants across the United States. 18 people die every day. You are helping us do our work better – so we can reduce deaths on the wait list in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. You are helping us save more lives.
  • LifeSource is a place of healing for families – a place to honor and remember their loved ones who, upon death, became heroes. Donors save other people’s lives as their final act on this Earth, creating a profound legacy. You are building a beautiful Healing Garden along the banks of the Mississippi River in tribute of the thousands of people in our community who became heroes. The granite-faced Memorial Wall face will hold the engraved names of Donors and forever bear witness to their selflessness. You are creating a place where the legacy of their lives is honored.

The story of one life lost and one life saved:

Jameson, as an infant, was diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma, a rare form liver cancer. His only hope for survival was a full liver transplant. In June 2014, Jameson’s mother said “He will beat this and have a courageous story to tell his children one day. With your help, this road will be easier with love and support by our side. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.”

Two weeks ago another young child in our community died in a tragic accident. Because that child’s parents said Yes to donation, Jameson lives today. Attached is a photograph of Jameson following his liver transplant.Jameson receives a liver transplant

One family grieves. Another family experiences joy. Organ donation is not an easy gift to give, nor is it an easy gift to receive. This connection between two families, often one unknown to the other, is profound and speaks to the goodness of human beings.

I often think of organ recipients and the impact they have on the world because of the Gift of Life. In our own community organ transplant has extended life for tens of thousands of people. Think of all the good they have done. I wonder what Jameson will do with his life, and the courageous stories he will tell his children one day.

Thank you for your partnership with LifeSource

Thank you Arteka for bringing your best self to work on the project each day. Thank you for sharing your specialized skills with us to construct this place of hope and healing in our community.

Be an advocate of organ and tissue donation

Organ and tissue donation saves lives. Through your advocacy – talking about it with your friends – you might just save a precious life like Jameson’s.

Register to be an organ and tissue donor today at,,